My Pitcher of Summer

I’m sorry to anyone who saw that post before.

I’ll throw away a penny, I don’t give a fuck
My philosophy on cleaning the floors at work

I need to get better at appreciating what I have and what I’m given instead of pining over what everyone else can ostensibly do better than I can.  I also need to come to terms with the fact that I’m a fucking loser who will die alone and forgotten so I can just get on with the rest of my life in peace

I’m so fucking beta it’s physically painful

Man, I really love hanging out with my friends here, like more than anything.  But every time I do I’m just reminded of how much of a fucking worthless loser I am compared to everyone

I bitch and moan about how much I hate fanservice all the time but like, c’mon, those movies Nintendo has been making for the Smash Bros reveals have been too.  cool.  If they made a million of ‘em I’d watch them all

Just got Earthbound for free, thank you Club Nintendo

Just heard the news that Tim “Herb” Alexander had a heart attack and is currently awaiting open heart surgery.  It sounds rough.  I hope he recovers swiftly and painlessly and is back to drumming in top form soon enough.

Primus - “Eleven”

I have yet to have tried a Mexican beer that doesn’t taste terrible.  Are there any actually good Mexican beers out there that are just eluding me?  Negra Modelo is barely palatable, Tecate is basically rebranded Bud Lite, Dos Equis tastes like camel piss, and I wouldn’t even clean my toilet with Corona

u fukn srs Pain of Salvation finally announce a US tour and there’s a Chicago stop but it interferes with the American Football reunion ffffffffffff