My Pitcher of Summer

Pretty rare vinyl delivery today.  I got an unopened copy of the Japanese import pressing of ISIS’s “In the Absence of Truth”, on red vinyl.  Of the 500 that were pressed of this color, 150 were supplied in this neat printed paper record sleeve, and inside were some tour flyers and some actual developed photographs from what looks like one of their Japanese tours.  According to the back of the paper bag, this copy is the 37th in the bag series, 77th overall, out of the 500 pressed in this color, I believe.

Also, I love when I order stuff from Hydra Head because they always throw in a bunch of random goodies.  I got a ridiculously Japanese-looking promo album from some power metal guitarist and a full-size vinyl artwork sleeve for the Ides of Gemini album “Constantinople”, in what looked like was a miscut sleeve.  Very cool.

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